Construction Power & Energy Expo 2023 - The Game Changer in the Construction Industry

What is Construction Power & Energy Expo 2023?

An expo is an event also called a tradeshow or an exhibition, that educates the public and shares innovation by bringing together members of a particular industry to display, demonstrate and discuss their latest products & services. A tradeshow has a significant economic impact in the industry.

Construction Power & Energy Expo 2023 is atradeshow organized by Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (Pvt) Ltd for the 7th consecutive year. LECSworks to bring the industry together, create opportunities for local companies by bringing in foreign delegations.

Why is Construction Power & Energy Expo 2023 unique & paramount?

One of main unique characteristics of the tradeshow that sets apart Construction Power & Energy Expo from other exhibitions is that though construction is the main focal point, the exhibition displays other arms associated with construction such as the architecture and engineering industry therefore giving a complete solution to its visitors and exhibitors.

The 7th Construction Power & Energy Expo has partnered with Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) and has been endorsed by Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development and the Construction Fraternity. Due the events well established success, this year EEPC India has come on board as a key international endorser. In order to promote economic and trade cooperation between Sri Lanka and the Liaoning region of China a 50-member high-profile delegation, led by the Business Department of Liaoning Province and Shenyang Zhongqiao International Exhibition Co. Ltd, will attend the event. A group of large enterprises in the subordinate seven cities from the Liaoning Province will be showcasing and displaying all construction products and services.

Construction Power & Energy Expo is about housing innovative ideas and technological improvements therefore acting as a creative idea pool for economic and innovative construction solutions. Every year Construction Power & Energy Expo gives all members and associations of the industry an opportunity to display their unique selling point to both visitors and competitors.

The 2018 construction tradeshow will be a three-day hub from 29th June to 01st July buzzing with diverse innovations and technological improvements. The exhibition will be roaring with opportunities, avenues and openings, adding another milestone for the Sri Lankan construction industry.

Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (Pvt) Ltd through Construction Power & Energy Expo contributes to the construction industry of Sri Lanka by catalysing the construction industry through the exchange of ideas, innovation and profits. Construction Power & Energy Expo is a platform where future developments of the industry take place.

Since the end of the country’s civil war the country has compensated for two and a half decades of sporadic construction by investing in key infrastructure thus making Construction Power & Energy Expo a commodity for growth of the industry.

Dr. Rohan Karunaratne, Chairman, Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB), states “This event showcases products and services that help the participants to interact with all the stakeholders and key service providers within the building and construction industry”. He further expressed that currently the construction sector has picked up after having gone through a decline. And this major event would enable to promote and disseminate new trends and technology developments in the sector.

The annual tradeshow is instrumental in bringing about many benefits to the general public and its exhibiting organizations.

Benefits for the general public

To experience firsthand both domestic and international suppliers.

To obtain advise from relevant suppliers, to obtain the right products and services.

The ability to choose from wide array of products and services such as home loans, vaastu vidya, architecture, landscaping, consultancy, building materials, contractors, roofing systems, doors, windows, wall tiles, floor tiles, lightings and fittings, interior decoration products, air conditioning, safety and security systems, IT systems, telecommunication, finance and banking and transportation.

The opportunities for home builders to understand the different and upcoming products & services that can be integrated into a houseor apartment.

To ability to compare prices and choose products and services that fit the budget.

The opportunity to meet engineers and obtain engineering advice to ensure plans are devised according to engineering laws.

The ability to attend free seminars to gain sound construction knowledge to apply for relevant needs.

To visit and experience the new technologies in the construction industry and other construction related industries through the availability of 250 plus stalls.

To plan.

To stay up-to-date with lifestyle options allowing home and apartment owners to choose standard of living.

The opportunity to understand and evaluate the construction industry growth to begin a business.

A platform for students hoping to pursue a career in construction or related to constructed in order to gain knowledge and fist hand experience and advice.

In order to enlighten oneself about thestate of construction industry in Sri Lanka and to stay updated and informed.

Benefits for the exhibiting organizations

Exposure to domestic and international business operators for networking and business growth.

To be able to showcase products and services and unique selling point features.

To meet and greet other players in the construction industry to conduct a competitor analysis.

The ability to compare product and service range for benchmarking purposes.

The opportunity to expand products and service portfolio .

To introduce innovative solutions to their customer base.

Primary interaction with their clients to understand and experience their purchase decisions first hand while improving public relations.

To understand customer needs.

The ability to collect client information to update marketing database.

The opportunity to forecast and plan for investment.

To devise a new marketing plan.

The ability to comprehend market presence and direct business for future growth.

The opportunity to disperse knowledge for one on one interaction through seminars while gaining market coverage.

To identify suitable individuals to fill a business position.

Thus, comprehending the numerous benefits of Construction Power & Energy Expo 2023 one can conclude the tradeshow will be the epitome of growth and expansion.